on the Potter’s Wheel

Consecration is a process and as most processes do, it takes time. It not only takes an investment of your time and energy, but it also takes an investment of your passion and focus. It also simply takes a while to see progress and see changes in your life. It takes making yourself soft and pliable in The Master’s hand and it takes many trips back to the Potter’s Wheel.

There is nothing more amazing than being changed. Only God is able to deeply change us. Only God is able to change those things about us that, not only do others not like, but we don’t like either! Moral failings and character flaws become deeply ingrained and it takes time, persistence, determination and a lot of God to change. Through all of this, your relationship with Jesus becomes deeper, richer and more spousal in nature. You will, at some point, be lovingly amazed when you can finally say, “I love you, Jesus, more than anybody or anything.” Like I say, consecration takes time…time you will never regret spent in the presence of the King of Kings… Like Mark Morgan says, “The Name of Jesus is GREATER! The Blood of Jesus is more POWERFUL! And HIS WORD HAS BEEN EXALTED ABOVE IT ALL!”

I have written mostly about consecration, but since not all of my writings fall into that category, I have added other categories too. I will probably keep on adding as my life and therefore my writing changes direction. Just click on the category and you will be taken to that page.

Be blessed!


Crushing of the Rose – Series

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Burden Bearer – Series

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How to Dig a Grave

“Nancy’s got to die.”…I was praying, and had spoken this to God. I was in a season of consecration and had decided there just wasn’t much to admire or love about the “Old Nancy”. I had been praying, using the Jewish tabernacle plan for a guide as taught by the POA “Heaven to Earth” series. (see the link below) I was praying as though I was actually in the tabernacle, standing at the brazen altar of repentance. I don’t know when I figured out I was in a season of consecration; I just knew that I was desperate to be changed. I wanted desperately to please God and that would require a deep spiritual makeover… or do over…or, as I had described it to God during one of my long sessions of prayer; I was much like a roof that had gotten so rotten and useless, it had to be “taken down to the studs” and re-roofed…plywood…shingles…the whole nine yards. I knew I could not go forward in God carrying the baggage and dysfunction and unpleasant personality traits and moral failures and other various accumulated signs of spiritual failure to thrive that were evident in me. The only thing I had going for …


Days of Elijah

“I have offered this generation of youth the honor of being warriors in this end age.” That was the good news…the bad news…many aren’t ready. And why is that? Why are many of them not ready? Well, part of the answer God spoke to me was this, “Many of those that were called to be my warriors have put aside their armor to play and frolic and dance and eat and sing and worship their own type of golden calf. Though I called to them, they shut their ears to me, for they were unwilling to pay the price of being called and separated unto me.” What is that price? It is Holy Sanctification or Consecration. The basic definition of sanctification is this: Dictionaries – Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology – Sanctification “Sanctification…To sanctify someone or something is to set that person or thing apart for the use intended by its designer….In the theological sense, things are sanctified when they are used for the purpose God intends. A human being is sanctified, therefore, when he or she lives according to God’s design and purpose.” “Oswald Chambers wrote in “My Utmost for His Highest”, “Sanctification means to be intensely focused on God’s …

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The Holy Wait

I said to Jesus, “What would I give you for Christmas if I could give you something?” I thought on it, then said, “I would give you a beautiful, cleansed temple.” I had been thinking about Christmas and was still puzzling over what to get for a couple of gifts yet. I had just asked God to help me think of the right gifts and it had gotten me thinking. I said to Jesus, “What would I give you for Christmas if I could give you something?” I thought on it, then said, “I would give you a beautiful, cleansed temple.” By this, I meant my own spirit, soul and flesh.  (1 Corinthians 6:19,20 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.) You know how one thought leads to another, sometimes leading down a rabbit hole of epic proportions? Well, this made me think about the fact that I was still a work in progress that the beautifying and cleansing of my temple wouldn’t happen …


Rise Up Oh Army of God: Part 2

“Lord, cause your army of believers, just like me, who took this truth home with them and were changed and made this a part of them; cause them to rise up and prepare themselves! Prepare themselves with prayer and fasting. Prayer that knocks at and shakes the gates of heaven! Prayer that calls the Holy Ghost down! Prayer that FORCES signs and miracles to follow! Prayer that causes that rolling, thundering  river of the Holy Ghost to flow over the church and causes us to see something happen! Oh Lord! Let your anointing fall!” I was reading an excerpt from, “Rise Up Oh Army of God”,  http://nancylwatrud.com/archives/330  a post I wrote back in June of 2012 when I was only a handful of months into my journey of consecration.  I had started experiencing things I didn’t understand and though I was confused by much of it, I had already seen what even a short time of focused consecration was capable of. God had started the great “Nancy makeover project” or the “force the desert to blossom as the rose”  project, as I liked to call this season in my life. God had placed me back on the “Potter’s Wheel” and was changing me…majorly changing me. If you have …


You Snooze You Lose

“We need to fill our vessels with light.” My pastor’s wife was speaking to the ladies. She gestured to a row of clear plastic cups and I spotted one with my name written on it. She had given each of us a sheet of paper and pen, and went on to say. “We need to have our vessels filled with light, but before that light of Christ can shine through us, we have to clean the filth of the world out.” She went on to describe what she had discovered about herself as she had studied for the lesson. Her eyes became teary and reddened as she spoke some very personal failings in her life in confession to us. As she spoke them, she wrote them down on her sheet of paper. She paused over each item as she listed it and told how it was affecting her, her family and her ministry. She then took her sheet of paper and ripped each failing from it and dropped them into the cup with her name. When she finished, she turned to one of the ladies and asked her to speak to us and to write on her sheet of paper as …


Swimming With the Devil

What if I breathe in while I’m under the water?”  That thought might seem strange to you, but it is exactly what I was thinking when I got back in a pool for the first time since my youth.


This Little Piggy

Along with writing Sunday school curriculum, I have written stories to accompany some of my Sunday school lessons. This story was written for the more mature young person. Young Disciples Club: featuring Jack Jack was one of the older boys in the Young Disciples Club. He hadn’t been in the club as long as some of the kids. He, his Mom and siblings had moved to town not too many years ago. His Mom had found a job at the local hospital and had to work a lot of hours to make ends meet. Jack was pretty quiet about his Dad. What he didn’t say spoke louder than what he did say.  


Shoveling Neighbors

(I wrote this story for my Sunday school class of younger children. It’s meant to be acted out.)    Once upon a time there were two neighbors, Harry and Joe.  Harry loved to take care of his yard and never let his grass get too long or the snow get too deep.  On the other hand, Joe was a “get around to it” kind of guy.  He never quite “got around” to mowing until the grass was very long and never got around to shoveling until he couldn’t get out of the driveway with his car.  


11th Hour Laborer

“I’m an 11th hour laborer.” I felt the blood drain from my face as the realization struck me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I had been in Pentecost since early 1977. I had started teaching Sunday school by around, 1984 or earlier. I worked every meal, I cleaned the church, I sang solos and was in the choir. I headed up the Ladies Ministries for a period of time. I did fund-raisers, I was submissive to my Pastor and loved the Saints. The trouble was… I was not a soul winner.

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Burden Bearer: Part 2

“Come!”, the Puerto Rican sister motioned to me, “We have a question for you.” She led me to a waiting group of Puerto Rican singles. I quickly breathed, “Jesus give me Your answer! Your wisdom!”

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Crushing of the Rose Pt. 4

They had their coats on and had been preparing to leave after a lovely visit. She turned to her husband after her surprising announcement, seeking his approval. He gestured for her to continue. I stepped forward to receive what she was about to say.


Who’s the Boss ?

I’m known for my love of sitting on my couch at the front window with a good cup of coffee so I can pray and watch my birds, so when I told my sister I was cutting way back on my coffee consumption, she viewed it as a drastic step out of character.

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Season of Peace

When the The Potter needs a vessel, sometimes the clay has to go back on the wheel and have the imperfections kneaded out of it…then it goes into the hot oven and is baked until it’s strong.


Crushing of the Rose: Part 3

“It is dangerous to have a prophet in your life, Sister.” My pastor’s Bolivian accent made the words he spoke take on a portentous undertone. Though he was telling me of times he had delivered prophetic messages that had not been heeded, it felt suddenly as though his words were meant for me.


The Crushing of the Rose: Pt.2

“That thing is going to come right through the window at me…”, I thought. I had been warfare praying and felt to open my eyes. I looked out into the darkness and saw the presence I had felt. It was a huge, dappled gray deer standing at the edge of my yard, looking into my house toward me. I did not stop my prayer as the deer took two aggressive steps toward the house. It took a few more lunging steps toward the picture window where I sat and then charged. I did not move, nor did I change my authoritative, warfare prayer. It galloped straight for me, looking to all intents and purposes it was going to crash through the picture window to attack me. At the last second it veered, it’s hooves pounding the ground as it passed. It was the third night in a row I had experienced some sort of resistance to prayer.


Burden Bearer

“Be a Burden Bearer”, the silent whisper of the Lord spoke to me. I had sat down in my big chair to finish a wonderful book by Robert E Henson, called “Breath of Life- The Gift and Blessing of Prayer” when I felt the unmistakable wooing of God to pause and love on Him for a while. I worshipped Him for a period of time, then felt I should stand. I was listening closely for His Voice when He said, simply, “Be a Burden Bearer”.


The Crushing of the Rose. Pt 1

“Lord”, my voice broke again as fresh tears splashed down my face. “I feel like the desert in me blossomed, but I was left on the vine. Now my blossom has become overblown and the petals are starting to fall.” (Isaiah 35:1 “The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.”) (see previous posts) The splashing tears became heavy sobs once again and  I said to myself as much as to the to Lord, “So what does a person do with such deep disappointment?” ..


On The Right Track

It was dark and snowy. I was at a deserted train station. My arms were loaded with my laptop, purse and various other bulky items and I knew I couldn’t walk to my destination. I stepped down onto a set of train tracks and walked to a tiny, child size locomotive, a little larger than a go-cart because of its length. The tracks were covered with snow, lonely and lit only by the moon.

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Funny Money

“So,” I asked the gentleman, “are you familiar with the mark of the beast and the one world money system?” “Yes.” he answered me, “And I’m making buckets of money off of it.”


Excuse Me??

“Excuse Me??” was written October of 2013. Deer in the headlights… I’m sure that’s what my eyes must have looked like to my pastor… It was the end of our Wednesday night service, and we were all standing. We had just watched the sixth installment of “Heaven to Earth: The Tabernacle Today” DVD series by Anthony Mangun, pastor of The Pentecostals of Alexandria. I had told my pastor earlier that I had picked up a large packet of prayer guides at our UPCI general conference that went with the series and I wanted to share them with the church, so when he started to say, “Sister Watrud, do you have…” I immediately swung around to my seat to pick up the packet, but before I could, the rest of what he said registered. He had said, “Sister Watrud, do you have…a word for us?” That’s when the “deer in the headlights” look manifested.  


Just a Little Bit of Faith

“Just a Little Bit of Faith” was written July of 2013. “You don’t need a whole lot, just use what you’ve got…faith, faith, faith…just a little bit of faith.”  The old Sunday school song ran through my head. I was on my way to church and thinking on faith. The Sunday school lesson I would be teaching was on the “shield of faith”.  I live 30 minutes or so from church, so once I was on the highway, I thought I would listen to Hebrews 11.  As I listened, the repeated phrases, “Through faith” and “By faith” got my attention.  I realized what I was hearing was what these individuals did with their faith.


Crazy Love, Magnificent Love

“Crazy Love, Magnificent Love” was written May of 2013. “Is it a small thing to grieve your God?”, the still, small voice of God had spoken to my heart many months ago. I had gotten home from work and was still in my car in the garage, on my phone, catching up on Facebook. I had felt the wooing of God, competing for my attention, but I had continued reading post after post. It was then that I had felt that unmistakable grieving of the Holy Ghost wash over me and He had spoken. His Words were like a sword that plunged deep into my spirit. I immediately realized I was at a dangerous precipice, not just because I had ignored the wooing of God’s Spirit, but because I had lost my first love, if I had ever had it. I simply did not deeply and truly love God, not the way God’s Word describes in Deuteronomy 6:5, “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.”  This acknowledgment to myself that I did not love God as I should, broke me. I managed to make my way into the house and to my chair to pray but I …


Along for the Ride

“Along for the Ride” was written April of 2013. “I’m no Tamar, Brother. I’m a Ruth.” I had been thinking a lot about Ruth (The Book of Ruth) and Tamar (Genesis 38). Anyone with any sort of romantic bent will sigh a little as they read the Book of Ruth and be somewhat appalled as they read about Tamar. I thought about what it took for both of them to pursue their dream. They both had to prepare themselves. Ruth, washed and anointed herself and put her raiment upon her. Tamar put off her widows clothes, covered her with a veil and wrapped herself. I’m sure at that point, though they were both going through the motions of preparing themselves, what they were about to do still hadn’t quite set in. It wasn’t until each took that first step away from what they had known for many years that reality hit. Ruth, dressed in her best and smelling of perfume, stepped out from her mother-in-laws home, that safe place and started her endless walk down to the threshing floor. Tamar, slipped away from her father’s home wrapped and veiled as a harlot and started her long walk up to Timnath to the side …


Crazy Consecration

“Crazy Consecration” was written January of 2013. I was watching a scene, in my mind’s eye of a Christmas many, many years ago. I saw myself watching my family as they bent low toward the floor and a lighted box. Their faces were intent and blank at the same time. Their eyes were fixed on the box, yet there was no engagement with it. I became more and more concerned and finally, I had acknowledged to myself that the Christmas gift to my son of a PlayStation had been a huge mistake.


Making the Dry Tree Flourish

“Making the Dry Tree Flourish” was written November of 2012. “Oh great. Ezekiel.” Now, some of you are going to want to reach through the computer and slap me real hard for what I’m about to own up to…but; here goes. The reason I was disappointed about turning to Ezekiel in my Bible was because I had done what no mature Christian normally does. I NEEDED to be encouraged. I NEEDED to be encouraged so badly that I had asked my Jesus to please speak to me through His Word by me randomly opening my Bible. I knew better, but closed my eyes and opened my bedside Bible. It fell open to…Ezekiel. I was disappointed. You have to understand…I just don’t do this. I normally would just read from where I had left off and look for nuggets of peace and solace there. The reason, I didn’t do that was I had been reading Isaiah and I just wasn’t up to reading what was coming in the next chapter when I had such a need of comforting. When I saw that I had turned to Ezekiel, I’m afraid I sighed. I went ahead and started reading with part of my brain saying, …


My Husband

“My Husband” was written October of 2012. “Oh, my Husband, my Mighty God! Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? How would you have me speak?” I was standing by my seat deep in prayer, when I felt a tap on my arm. I opened my eyes to see a stranger before me. He said, “I wonder if you would mind sharing with me what you are interceding so deeply for?”  I tried to think of a way I could explain to this man of God what I had been praying about. How could I put this thing into words…how could I tell him something so deep…so personal.  


I Will Set My Face Like Flint

“I Will Set My Face Like Flint” was written September of 2012. “Is there any way you could come home a weekend soon and help with a couple of things?” I was texting my son and could feel my heart squeezing as I wrote the next words, “I’m going to be contacting a Realtor soon.”


Crazy Prayer, Crazy Faith, Crazy Plan

“Crazy Prayer, Crazy Faith, Crazy Plan” was written August of 2012. “He knows…”, I thought, as I caught my son-in-law looking in my front window at me. I had been sitting in my chair by the window praying while my son-in-law did some much-needed yard work for me. He had been intently weed whipping outside my front window, when suddenly I realized he had stopped and was looking at me. What I was pretty sure he knew was that God had put it on my heart that I would be moving…soon and for me to prepare.  


Rise Up Oh Army of God!

“Rise Up Oh Army of God!” was written June 27 of 2012. I was walking back to my car after work, thinking on the amazing journey of prayer I have been on over the past few months and the amazing things I was starting to experience. I said to Jesus, “I may be crazy, but it’s the best kind of crazy!”  


The Blessing

“The Blessing” was written June of 2012. I was praying this morning, taking my time, like I enjoy doing on my day off. I love sipping on my coffee and talking to Jesus about whatever is on my heart, then I put my coffee down and have that deep communion with the Lord where intercession happens and answers are given and the back-slid are restored and needs are met. What I found myself praying about this morning was; what does my church need to be to cause the hungry soul to be drawn to enter? This got me thinking about the first time I found myself in a Pentecostal church some 35 years ago.  I had come to my first Apostolic service straight from the hippy culture, a single mother with frayed blue jeans, flip-flops and a lot of baggage. I do not remember feeling out-of-place or even wondering about all of the dresses and long hair, but what I do remember is hearing the Word of God preached for the first time. I had always gone to church and had always felt a deep drawing to God. I don’t remember being discontented in the church I was raised in, that is, until I heard the Word of God preached. To make …


Song of Letting Go

“Song of Letting Go” was written May of 2012. “I need you to…” I struggled with my emotions, unable to finish my sentence. I tried again, “I need you home to…” I choked on my words making me sound angry. I was frozen at my kitchen counter, head down, eyes tightly shut. I clutched my phone listening to my daughter.

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Deep Calleth Unto Deep

“Deep Calleth Unto Deep” was written early in my process of consecration and was first published 2012/04/28. I was pretty new to blogging and was still struggling to write what was in my heart for all to see. I also wasn’t writing much as I didn’t think I had much to say, although I’ve had plenty to say since then! God has done a mighty work in my life and He’s not done with me yet! I hope that reading “Deep Calleth Unto Deep” will give you an idea of what the start of my time of consecration was like.  


Bearing Witness; My Uncut Hair

I was praying. Tears were streaming down my face as I let my long hair down and draped it over my hands.  I studied it carefully, noticing the deep browns and the glistening auburn where the sun was shining on it. I pulled the length of it through my hand, then I held it out and studied the varying shades from the ends upward.