About The Author

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It was some years ago during our altar call, at the end of an evening camp service that God spoke to me and said, “Just write”, so little by little…or should I say…”Line Upon Line”, that is just what I’ve been doing. “Line Upon Line” began as an accompaniment to my little book, “What Kids Pray”, but slowly began to change direction with “Bearing Witness; My Uncut Hair”. It eventually took the shape it now holds early in the year 2012 with ”Deep Calleth Unto Deep”, the defining post that started my season of consecration. Subsequently, “Line Upon Line became a chronicle of my journey of consecration and, looking forward, seems to now be taking another turn leading me into my next season in God.

I recently retired and hope to pick up the pace a bit with my writing, but I seek after God for everything I write, so it is a process and takes a little time. Just recently, God spoke to my heart, saying I need to change my writing style so that the process isn’t quite so labor intensive. I’m thinking my posts will shorten up a bit.

I’ve also included some children’s stories I’ve written that illustrate spiritual concepts that are difficult to convey as stand-alone lessons. I hope adults are blessed reading them too.

I look forward to your feedback on posts that minister to you. Your opinions, thoughts and comments help make this blog a fulfilling experience for all to enjoy and reflect upon.

In addition to written posts, you can expect to hear short audio clips of various thoughts the Lord puts on my heart. I also hope at some point to be able to twist some arms to get contributions from guest writers.

Thank you for your interest in this very personal blog. I hope it inspires you to search your heart as I’ve searched mine and that you grow in God, “Line Upon Line”.